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Research Papers authored with others published in International Journals in the Qaseem University
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  • Research Publications in Scientific Journals

    • Research Papers authored with others published in International Journals

      • I.Abou-Rabii, F.Vincent, G. Bessard, P.Baconnier.

        Modélisation des échanges d'alcool entre salive et sang

        1998 vol. X, n° 1, 1998, 32-37
      • Ola. M. Sakr and Mohammad Almohaimeed.

        Effect of Repeated Bleaching Procedures on Surface Color and Shear Bond Strength of Resin Composite Bonded Enamel

        J Am Sci.
        August 2012
      • Mohammad Almohaimeed and Sahar Abd El Halim.

        Diode Laser De-Bonding of Pre-Coated Ceramic Brackets

        J Am Sci.
        September 2013
      • Gamal Abdulrhman Hassan, Hamdy Ahmad Sliem,1 Abousree Taha Ellethy,2 and Mahmoud El-Sawy Salama3.

        Role of immune system modulation in prevention of type 1 diabetes mellitus

        Indian J Endocrinol Metab.
        Nov-Dec; 16(6): 904–909 2012
      • Abousree T Ellethy, Hamdy A Sliem, Gamal MA Hassan.

        Updated Molecular Diagnosis of Chronic Hepatitis C

        J. of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Research.
        September 21 1(8): 147-152 2012
      • Ramzy RM, Helmy H, el-Lethy AS, Kandil AM, Ahmed ES, Weil GJ, Faris R..

        Field evaluation of a rapid-format kit for the diagnosis of bancroftian filariasis in Egypt.

        East Mediterr Health J.
        1999 Sep
      • Helmy H, Weil GJ, Ellethy AS, Ahmed ES, Setouhy ME, Ramzy RM..

        Bancroftian filariasis: effect of repeated treatment with diethylcarbamazine and albendazole on microfilaraemia, antigenaemia and antifilarial antibodies.

        Trans R Soc Trop Med Hyg.
        jul 2006
      • Muhammad Khalil Khan, Ayyaz Ali Khan, Tasleem Hosein, Abdul Mudassir, Kamran Masood Mirza, Asim Anwar..

        Comparison of the plaque-removing efficacy of toothpaste and toothpowder

        Journal of the International Academy of Periodontology.
        January 2009
      • Ayyaz Ali Khan, Sharea Ijaz, Ayma Syed, Ambreena Qureshi, Inayatullah Padhiar, Shumta Sufia, Mohammad Khalil Khan, Abdul Haleem, Qiamudin, Mujeeb Baloch..


        2004 2004:5(2)35-44
      • Syed Akhtar Hussain Bokhari, Ayyaz Ali Khan, Mohammad Khalil, Mohammad Mohammad Abubakar, Mustahsen-u-rehaman, and Mohammad Azhar.

        Oral health status of CHD and non-CHD adults of Lahore, Pakistan

        Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology.
        Jan-Mar 2011
      • Haleem A, Khan AA, Siddiqui MI.

        A simplified dental examination for detection of cavitated carious lesions in school setting

        Community Dent Oral Epidemiol.
        21 January 2009 Issue number 37, 276-283
      • Shahzad Ali Shah, Irfanullah Khan, Humera kanwal.

        Effectiveness of submucosal Dexamethasone to Control Postoperative pain & swelling in Apicectomy of Maxillary Anterior teeth.

        International Journal of Health Sciences Qassim.
        2012 2012
      • Irfanullah khan, Brig Sobi.

        Nickel titanium vs stainless steel finger spreaders in curved mandibular molar roots”

        Journal of college of physicians & surgeons Pakistan.
        2003 2003
      • Gamela Nasr1, Hamdy Sliem2, Amira Gamal3 , Hyam Refaat4, & Mahmoud Ibrahim5.

        Screening for Diabetes and Cardiovascular Risk Factors among Egyptian population

        Clinical diabetes. 2010; 9(3):127-135 - Middle East Edition.
        8 2010
      • Hamdy Sliem, Gamal Tawfik, Fadia Moustafa*, Heba Zaki.

        Relationship of associated secondary hyperparathyroidism to serum fibroblast growth factor-23 in end stage renal disease: A case-control study

        Indian Journal Of Endocrinology And Metabolism (2011). Vol :15 /number 2 April – June.
        4 2011
      • Sliem HA, Ahmed S, Nemr N, El-Sherif.

        metabolic syndrome in middle east

        Indian J Endocrinol Metab. 2012 Jan;16(1):67-71.
        1 2012
      • Sliem H, Tawfik G, Khalil KA, Ibrahim N.

        Pattern of systemic lupus erythematosus in Egyptian patients: the impact of disease activity on the quality of life

        Pan Afr Med J. 2010;6:14. Epub 2010 Aug 23.
        8 2010

        The Histopathological Profile Of Kidney Diseases In A Single Center In Egypt: An Overview Of 14 Years Of Experience

        journal of clinical and diagnostic research.
        4 2011
      • Khalil A.K, Seham A Omar, Abdou M, Greesh M and Hamdy Sliem.

        Morphological and Physiological Pattern of the Liver in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome

        journal of diabetes and metabolism.
        12 2011
      • asasaskk.

        Cleaning effectiveness of Reciproc, WaveOne and ProTaper combined with EndoActivator irrigation, SEM study.

        ff 2010
      • Al-Haj Ali SN, Al-Jundi S, Mhaidat N.

        Comparison of coconut water and Jordanian propolis on survival of bench-dried periodontal ligament cells: an in vitro cell culture study

        International journal of clinical pediatric dentistry.
        November 2013
      • SN Al-Haj Ali, SH Al-Jundi, DJ Ditto.

        In vitro toxicity of grey MTA in comparison to white MTA on human periodontal ligament fibroblasts;

        European archives of paediatric dentistry; official journal of the european academy of paediatric dentistry.
        July 2014
      • SN Al-Haj Ali, SH Al-Jundi, DJ Ditto.

        In vitro toxicity of formocresol, ferric sulphate, and grey MTA on human periodontal ligament fibroblasts

        European archives of paediatric dentistry; official journal of the european academy of paediatric dentistry.
        february 2015
      • Sanaa Najeh Al-Haj Ali, Bayan Ali AlMohaimeed.

        The attitude of undergraduate dental students toward the use of rubber dam in College of dentistry, Qassim University

        International Journal of Advanced Research.
        November 2015
      • .Sanaa Al-Haj Ali,Suhad Al-Jundi,Nizar Mhaidat,Lama Awawdeh, Randa Naffa.

        Effect of Coconut Water Concentration on Survival of Bench-Dried Periodontal Ligament Cells

        International Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry.
        January-April issue 2011
      • S. M. Banabilh; A R Samsudinb; A.H. Suzinac; Sidek Dinsuhaimid..

        Facial Profile Shape, Malocclusion and Palatal Morphology in Malay Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patient

        Angle Orthod.
      • Banabilh SM, Suzina AH, Dinsuhaimi S, Samsudin AR, Singh GD.

        Assessment of 3-D nasal airway morphology in Southeast Asian adults with obstructive sleep apnea using acoustic rhinometry

        Clin Oral Investig..
      • Banabilh SM, Suzina AH, Dinsuhaimi S, Samsudin AR, Singh GD...

        Dental arch morphology in south-east Asian adults with obstructive sleep apnoea: geometric morphometrics.

        J Oral Rehabil.
      • Banabilh SM, Suzina AH, Dinsuhaimi S, Samsudin AR, Singh GD..

        Craniofacial obesity in patients with obstructive sleep apnea.

        Sleep Breath..
      • Banabilh SM, Asha'ari ZA, Hamid SS..

        Prevalence of snoring and craniofacial features in Malaysian children from hospital-based medical clinic population.

        Sleep Breath..
      • . Mitani.Y; Banabilh SM; Singh GD..

        Craniofacial Changes in Patients with Class III Malocclusion Treated with the RAMPA System

        Int J Orthod Milwaukee..
      • Banabilh SM, Suzina AH, Dinsuhaimi S, Singh GD..

        Cranial base and airway morphology in adult malays with obstructive sleep apnoea.

        Aust Orthod J..
      • Banabilh SM, Rajion ZA, Samsudin R, Singh GD..

        Dental arch shape and size in Malay schoolchildren with Class II malocclusion.

        Aust Orthod J..
      • Banabilh SM, Rajion ZA, Samsudin AR, Singh GD..

        Facial soft tissue features assessed with finite element analysis.

        Int J Orthod Milwaukee..
      • Shahad S. Alkhuwaiter, Roqayah I. Aljuailan, Saeed M. Banabilh.

        Problem-based learning: Dental student’s perception of their education environments at Qassim University

        Journal of International Society of Preventive and Community Dentistry.
        26 Nov 2016
      • Shahad Alkhuwaiter and Saeed Banabilh.


        JUN 2016
      • Abdul Haleem, Muhammad IrfanullahSiddiqui, and Ayyaz Ali Khan.

        School-based strategies for oral health education of adolescents- a cluster randomized controlled trial.

        BMC Oral Health 2012, 12:54 (http://www.biomedcentral.com/1472-6831/12/54)..
      • Haleem A.

        A comparison of dentist-led, teacher-led, peer-led and self-learning strategies for educating school children aged 10-13 years about prevention of oral diseases including tooth decay, gum disease and oral cancer.

        3rd Feb 2012
      • Haleem A (Abdul Haleem), Siddiqui MI (Muhammad IrfanullahSiddiqui), and Khan AA (Ayyaz Ali Khan)..

        Oral hygiene assessment by school teachers and peer-leaders using simplified method.

        International Journal of Health Sciences, Qassim University. 2012 June: 6(2): 174-184..
        june 2012
      • Haleem A (Abdul Haleem).

        School-based strategies for oral health education and examination of adolescents

        Journal of Dental Research (online version: http://jdr.sagepub.com/>SpecialIssues(Meeting Abstracts): http://iadr.confex.com/iadr/search.epl >.
        22 April 2011
      • Haleem A, Khan AA, Siddiqui MI..

        A simplified dental examination for detection of cavitated carious lesions in school setting.

        Community Dent Oral Epidemiol. 2009 June;37(3):276-83.(http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed).
        june 2009
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